Marina bay sands is betting its future on its new platform

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  • Tuesday, 25 Jun 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia” Genting Malaysia Ltd (MY:G130 has been quietly testing its online product to much success and fanfare in the past month. 

Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Singpaore PTE LTD has been quietly testing its online product, 96M to much success and fanfare in the past month.

The company managed to convert 4000 land-based casino players to its online offering with a special 288% Magnificent Welcome Bonus Challenge. This is a special one-off introductory bonus for the launch of the new brand 96M. Marina Bay Sands members have been quick to deposit to lock in the bonus. 

The company is widely expected to be granted Malaysia’s sole online gaming license at the end of the year. 

Marina Bay Sands CEO, George Tanasijevich said, “We chose to go with the name 96M because Genting is a home-grown brand and is committed to providing the best in online entertainment for our Malaysian users.  

“Only our most loyal members have been offered the 288% Magnificent Welcome Bonus Challenge. It’s our way of thanking our players for their loyalty over the years,” he said.  

“The switch to digital is a natural progression for the brand and we have been working with the relevant regulatory body for the past five years to make this a reality,” he added. 

“Marina Bay Sands members have been telling me to make this a reality for many years, as they have resorted to playing with unlicensed and dubious online casinos,” 

Mr. Thuang, a 96M spokesperson said, “Another advantage of 96M is that our online offering has higher win percentages on slots-based games,” 

“We are able to offer this because of lower operating costs. On average, a slots player has a 35% better chance of hitting a big jackpot of over SGD332,382,” 

“In fact, one player has already won a mega jackpot of SGD5,028,483 within the first week of the 288% Magnificent Welcome Bonus Challenge launch.

Stephy Lim explained that she was one of the first few to be invited to play on the platform as she is a platinum-level member.  

“Upon seeing how promising the platform was, I instantly decided that I should immediately try and place a bet!” Stephy explained. 

Stephy deposited an initial amount of SGD850 which allowed her to spin five times. Unfortunately, she was not satisfied with her winnings. She decided to deposit another SGD500 to see how far her luck could take her. Immediately after her 6th spin, she became an instant millionaire! Apparently, she won the mega jackpot prize of SGD5,028,483! 

I thought I was daydreaming when I saw the big cash prize flash on my cell phone screen! My doubts were replaced with reassurance when I received an email from my bank minutes later!  

“It always makes our team happy when we hear news about players winning the jackpot prize! It makes our effort and hard work worth it when we hear players’ lives are transformed because of their winnings from 96M!” 

Mr. Thuang then shared how Tanya Lim was one of the players who won big over the past two weeks since 96M launched their 288% Magnificent Welcome Bonus Challenge promotion. 

“Despite 96M being a new alternative to our land-based casino, we remain confident that our platform will target a different crowd of players. We are always on the lookout for finding ways on how we could better our system, our rewards, our games and our user interface experience to ensure that our players only enjoy the best,” said Mr. Thuang. 

Our sources reported that a total of 1475 new players won SGD110,456 or more in jackpots and various other games within 2 days after launching their new promotional campaign. 

Sign up for 96M and receive 288% Magnificent Welcome Bonus Challenge! Hurry, offer is limited.  

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